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Light in the Darkness
There is good in bad
and bad in good
there are planets in space
and space in planets
There is animal in humanity
and humanity in animal
There is light in darkness
and darkness in light
There is harmony in chaos
and chaos in harmony.
:iconscootashy74:ScootaShy74 1 3
Song of Life
Life is a beautiful thing
There’s rushing water that flows through ones fingers
In such a wonderful way
There’s the beauty of the trees
So soft yet hard
There’s the sound of birds chirping away
Without a care in the world
There’s the first steps of a child
So soft yet triumphant
There’s the softness of a lion
So soft yet powerful
There’s you
A person filled with love and bravery
Someone who will never let me down.
:iconscootashy74:ScootaShy74 0 1
I have compassion for you,
I have compassion for my neighbors,
I have compassion for the animals,
I have compassion for nature,
I have compassion for love,
I have compassion for peace,
I have compassion for music,
I have compassion for the rock in my yard,
I have compassion for my friends,
I have compassion for my enemies.
:iconscootashy74:ScootaShy74 0 0
Love On Every Block
There is love everywhere,
There is love in every corner,
There is love on every street,
There is love in every town,
There is love in the sunlight,
There is love in the moonlight,
There is love in every home,
There is love in every plant,
There is love in every animal,
There is love in every song,
There is love in every heart,
There is love in you.
:iconscootashy74:ScootaShy74 1 3
Spaceman (A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy)
The space man has hope,
hope for a brighter today,
and that's why he looks to the stars,
in search of a better place,
a place of peace and love,
the space man will go to the farthest reaches of existence,
and boldy go where no man has gone before,
in order to save the human race.
:iconscootashy74:ScootaShy74 1 3


Kitty Scarlett by super-spartan Kitty Scarlett :iconsuper-spartan:super-spartan 17 2 My friend as a Cat by Starsloona5 My friend as a Cat :iconstarsloona5:Starsloona5 3 5 Lycanthrope by OdysseusUT Lycanthrope :iconodysseusut:OdysseusUT 199 33 The Final Treatment by Stormpaw The Final Treatment :iconstormpaw:Stormpaw 70 22 Broken yarn by Biobasher Broken yarn :iconbiobasher:Biobasher 42 4 Tg Tf 5 by chrystalm Tg Tf 5 :iconchrystalm:chrystalm 31 3
Flyby Transformations
Flyby Transformations
       A small figure turned this way and that above the town of Garnershall, occasionally swooping down lower for a few moments and then returning to their previous height. The witch of whom this was, was on a transforming spree. She'd gathered up a considerable amount of transformative magic that now needed to be used as it was about to expire to put it bluntly. She'd been spotting for people to use it on and when she did she'd come in closer and zap them using her pointing stick.
       The first place she came to was Garnershall Park to the side of the residential sprawl surrounding the town. Tall hills and trees surrounded long wide path that itself lead around a large lake. It was along this path that she spotted a couple sat together on a bench. "Alright lets begin." she said and swooped down closer. She pointed her stick at them, and before they had enough time to realise what was happening, they'd shrunk into their
:icondonpretzel:DonPretzel 14 6
Burning calories by cqmorrell Burning calories :iconcqmorrell:cqmorrell 80 22 Fourth Wall Framing #1 by cqmorrell Fourth Wall Framing #1 :iconcqmorrell:cqmorrell 52 18 System report: Oh deer by cqmorrell System report: Oh deer :iconcqmorrell:cqmorrell 77 15 Sweetie has floof by MrsCurlyStyles Sweetie has floof :iconmrscurlystyles:MrsCurlyStyles 125 9
Watch Your Wishes-Part 2
(Women into Dog and Cheetah)
The guided tour had made its way into a large single room with one entrance/exit. Within the room was a large totem covered in chipped dark brown paint work all the way, with layers of colour brushed across it to make up what seemed to be faces
Becky had just asked her question when another girl, a tall, posh looking blonde student called Britany, popped up her hand, “So this totem grants wishes, but how can it hear those wishes?”
The tour girl grinned, “Some say that in legend the totem feels the wishes and spreads it magic out to aid them along.”
Britney smiled as the words sunk in, “So if I made a wish, I could have anything or everything I want.”
The tour guide started to lead the group out of the room, but Britney was too curious for her own good. She approached the totem and smiled, “Well you’re just the ticket I need to get out of college”, her right hand extended and rubbed the soft wooden finish
:iconcolindaley:colindaley 12 2
Dog Days of Summer(Various Dog anthro TG TF's)
Holly walked up to Drake's house, and knocked on the door. "Drake! It's Holly! Me and Blake are waiting outside!" She walked back to the car and got into the passenger seat. Blake was sitting in the driver's seat. He ran a hand through his dark hair. "Is he coming?" He said.
"Yeah.... He should be." Holly said. Drake soon exited the house, "hey guys!" He walked up to the car and got into the back seat. "Hey Drake." Blake said. The three of them were close friends, and Blake and Drake always joked they just needed to find someone named Jake, and they would be the ultimate rhyming friend combo. Holly had started hanging out with them a little while after they met, and they had been friends ever since. To kick the summer off, they were all going to the public pool. "Hey Holly." Drake said.
"Hey." Holly said.
"Is that a new necklace?" Drake asked, pointing to the one around Holly's neck. It was a simple chain with a small little charm with 3 dogs on it, a corgi, German Shepard, and husky o
:iconwestenwurt:Westenwurt 10 0
Kitten Karen - TF Pinup by Grumpy-TG
Mature content
Kitten Karen - TF Pinup :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 147 11
The Thief and the New Maid
    CRACK!  Part of a backdoor’s window was smashed open in the middle of the night.  An arm reached through, clearing away the remaining glass and unlocking the deadbolt and the lock on the handle.  With them undone, the door slowly opened and a man dressed in all black with a ski mask quietly stepped into the building.
    It was midnight in a very quiet, old neighborhood, a small gated community surrounded by forest as far as the eye could see and with nothing but mansions within it.  The thief, a man by the name of Jack, had chosen this particular house to burglarize after learning from a friend of a friend of a friend that the owners would be gone for an entire month.
    With the house also apparently lacking a staff, Jack was confident that there would be no one in the building to stop him.  As such, he took his time walking through the mansion, taking note of everything he saw.  Silver candlesticks
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 51 4
Applejack Anthro Broder Collie TF 5 by PhysicRodrigo Applejack Anthro Broder Collie TF 5 :iconphysicrodrigo:PhysicRodrigo 43 8



This is my entry for the giveaway by EquinePalette, Go follow her and share this.
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This is my entry for the giveaway by EquinePalette, Go follow her and share this.
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